E and E Boutique Guest House is located in the effervescent city of Gaborone, Botswana’s capital. The Boutique Guest House provides bespoke, luxurious and spacious rooms complemented by a tranquil oasis garden and premium amenities. We vehemently attempt to blend metropolitan standards with local practices so that our guests instinctively recognize us as a Botswana Hospitality facility and not just a faceless entity which can be anywhere in the World.

Elegant and Exclusive Boutique Guest House is committed to creating distinct, memorable and extraordinary experiences for its guests. By focusing relentlessly on its customers, employees and culture, the facility is an outstanding place to stay at. What’s right for a tourist desiring to unwind and relax in this beautiful country for a few weeks is very different to a businessman staying for a night ahead of an important meeting.

Our exceptionally friendly staff offer personalized service, making each day at this Guest House unique and memorable. We ensure that every stay at E and E Boutique Guest House goes above and beyond being simply a place to sleep.

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Ntsu Close,Plot No 6197

Tshimotharo , Broadhurst

Gaborone , Botswana


For Reservations call: +267 3917621 - Gaborone

               +267 4711726 - Mahalapye